Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My favorite skill of all is archery! I love this skill because it takes skill to hit people from a far instead of just running up and taking a lot of damage. 2 handed weapons are not my favorite because i don't like the look of it. when using a bow i feel that i am on fair ground with the others there. I love to sneak up and kill people from far away with my ebony bow (yes it is not the best, i just started a new game), it is the best when you just 1 shot someone. One problem people have with archery is that you run out of arrows very quickly. That is when pick pocketing comes in handy, i usually just pick pocket all my arrows from the guards. the best place to do this is in solitude where all the guards are practicing their skills by the castle. there are SO many arrows to take. good luck in Skyrim!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

leveling up easier!

a quick way that i level up smithing, enchanting, and speech is to use this system. In this system you make iron daggers to level up your smithing, then you can enchant them to level up your enchanting. after you do all this then sell them to merchants to get your speech up! its the easiest way to level up these skills which are usually hard to level up! happy playing Skyrim!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Off topic for a bit..

Hi all, hope you had an amazing new year! 2012 will bring much happiness for most, but sadness for others. I want to know everyone's new years resolutions! Mine is to be nicer to my peers. so comment with what your new years resolutions are!